To Whom it May Concern regarding the CTC (company out of business) manual:

Here is a link to the manual itself that I got from (if you care to thank her)


Link to pdf of Manual


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Also attached is the manual I got from Don Skiver (if you care to thank him) from a blog somewhere (probably where you got my email?!), it is the zip file. Slightly different and easier to read or to put together as a booklet, your choice...but a much larger file....


Link to Pasta Manual as jpegs from Don


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Both were very helpful, especially Betsy. Copied below on this page is information (from Betsy) about what to do if you lost the measuring cup. Also, for information on the recall:


The recall was about the unit not always turning off or turning on again when the lid is opened. People lost fingers so always turn it off if reaching inside! I sent emails and contacted the consumer safety board, etc. but the company and the company that replaced it and the company that replaced that are all out of business so we just have to unplug the units when we open the lid....


Good luck!


Here is the information if you've lost the measuring cup:

1 CTC cup = 1 3/4 cups flour (stir the flour up first and lightly spoon into your measuring cup)

Liquid measurement lines in CTC cup:

2 EGGS PLUS WATER = 3/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons (not all recipes in the manual use eggs, but all do use 2 teaspoons of oil which would be included as part of the liquid. For recipes using an egg or eggs, put the oil and egg(s) in the measuring cup then add water to total 3/4 cup)

ALL WATER = 2/3 cup

ALL EGGS = 1 cup

You may still need to make adjustments when mixing the dough to get the right consistency. Once you get used to the consistency that you need you can use other pasta recipes (that stay within the ingredient amounts) so you aren't limited to the ones in the manual.

Here is info from the manual:

When dough is in crumble shape (size of peas). To check. press together a small amount between fingers. When whiteness of dough begins to disappear, It Is ready.

If the mixture consists of white granules it is too dry. Add one tablespoon of water and remix for 1 minute. Check and repeat if still too dry.

If dough sticks to your fingers, or clusters around
mixing blades, It Is too wet. Add several heaping tablespoons of dry flour, remlx for 2 to 3 minutes, and
check. Repeat if still too wet.

You're right! The smaller measurement (called ALL WATER on the cup) = 2/3 cup

I went back and remeasured the other markings on the cup using a scale this time and the 2 EGGS PLUS WATER measurement = 3/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons.

And the ALL EGGS measurement = 1 cup

The Pasta Express (models X2000, X3000, and X4000) CTC cup holds 1 3/4 cups flour - spoon flour into cup and level off without packing it. Also, you are supposed to soak the die (plastic disk that the pasta extrudes from) that you're going to use in hot water with 1 teaspoon oil added to it. After soaking, spray with Pam or olive oil directly onto the die before placing it in the machine for use. Don't place any of the plastic parts in the dishwasher.